SKR 1.2 and TFT 35 Screen mount ideas

I don’t have access to a 3D printer and none of my friends have one…but I’m looking for ideas to make/mount my SKR 1.2 and TFT35 screen in…anyone have some suggestions?

I had originally made a small box out of wood, the sides were fitted with tab and slots for easy assembly. It worked well enough. I have since ordered a plastic electronics box from Amazon to mount the skr and a pair of mini cooling fans that will mount on the box

I’d be interested to see which box and fans you ordered…if you still have the Amazon links?


I could swear Ryan had a document that should him making a screen case with wood cut on the lowRider and some plastic he printed. I was thinking the you might be able to cut some sort of plastic sheet to could slide into a slot from that wood. However I have spent too long looking for it when I should be working. The other idea I thought of is a cigar box which might be hard to find in this day and age.

I don’t have the links but here is a screen shot

Be warned I have not actually tried these, they are expected to be delivered after the weekend.

Thanks! Keep me posted!!

I’m working on an all-milled case for mine. I’m liking the milled wood cases for things better and better, and using 3D printed ones less and less.

3D printed is good for what it is, and allows lots of things that are difficult to do in 2.5D, but for things like this… Well, it’s what I wanted a CNC for in the first place.

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Have you had a chance to put this all together yet? Would love to see pics!

I work in IT and liked your idea…so I ordered the same and as soon as I can round up some standoff studs from work here I am planning to start modifying the box to accept everything…only problem I’m running into at the moment is where to mount it, once it’s all in the box…LOL!


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Not yet, Amazon has managed to lose the package so I’m getting it delivered again but now the box won’t be here until July!

Wow!!! That sucks…I ordered like 2 days after you posted the items and received them like 2-3 days later…Amazon makes no sense sometimes!

I’ll post pics if I get a chance to work on it soon!


Yeah they are usually pretty good but really dropping the ball this time.

I have a doubler on my Y plates that I use to mount the electronics. Currently I just have a poor quality wooded box that is hot glued to it. I use gorilla glue hot glue and if has amazing strength but still pops off clean when needed