SKR 1.3, 2209, TFT35 & sensorless homing

Hello all,
I’m super new to this (CNC, Marlin, coding in general) but I’ve been poking around with it for several months. I decided to build a LR2 and I have finally got it all wired up and ready to go. The original plan was to use dual endstops but the SKR 1.3/2209 setup and newest Marlin offers sensorless homing so I figured I’d give that a go. I had a good working build that would move all the axis correctly but I have since fouled it up (so many different Marlin folders on my PC and can’t figure out which is the good one) and was wondering if anyone has a good build they would share. I’m searching the forums but thought maybe asking would yield faster/better results.

I’m also looking for a usable (and hopefully uncluttered) TFT35 firmware. The one I have sort of works but has a bunch of 3D printer stuff in it that’s useless for CNC.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi! Sensorless is not beginner friendly and needs some calibration and firmware changes. This is not a normal setup and you would be one of the first.

While the Tft touchscreen side is cool, I suggest using the Marlin side for production work. This is all very new and under heavy development. BTT has done a lot of things in the tft firmware that are hard coded in an not easy to remove…the marlin side works perfect.

If you wan to play we have precompiled firmware here, and Jeff has even put together a CNC specific tft firmware.

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Thanks for the quick response. I totally understand the not-user-friendly thing. I’m somewhat tech-savvy so I’m willing to dive in head first on this stuff. It’ll take time to learn but I’m learning new stuff each day.

I’m using SKR 1.3 (not Pro) and just downloaded, modified (slightly), complied and uploaded (via USB) a Marlin version with your name on it (listed as “” on github.) Unified menu on TFT shows no printer attached. Verified baud rate 250000 (as listed in the build). The steppers are not responding to commands from the touchscreen. Marlin interface seems to work though. Need to do more testing but leaving the house for a bit.

I’ll play around with it some more and see if I can figure out what I’m doing wrong.