SKR 1.4 turbo and a total beginner

hello everyone, sorry for my bad english … i managed to build my mpcnc, on a constructive level no problem … now i’m stopped with the board! I bought a skr 1.4 turbo hoping that the latest version was the best … and instead I have no idea where to put my hands :frowning:
I tried to download the file from the repository
I take the firmware, I load it into the card, I get the .cur, I connect the card to repeteir host but it shows no sign of life … :frowning:
I have no idea how to proceed … (I have never compiled anything and even following the guides I find myself somewhat lost)
Do you want to help me?
thank you… :wink:

What’s your native language? There are folks on the forums from all over, so there may be someone to work with that can eliminate the language barrier.

Does the Repetier log show that the machine has connected? Sometimes when installing Repetier Host, it also installs Repetier Server which then takes over the COM port (USB connection). Solution is to uninstall Repetier and make sure to only install the Host part.

I’m italian :slight_smile:
thanks for the tip, I try to uninstall repetier host and let’s see if it’s his fault;)

The skr pro firmware won’t work on the skr turbo. There are some forum users with a turbo that have posted some working firmwares.

i tried to search and the only one i found is the marlin for an LR … i tried to pass it in vsc and it gave me a lot of errors … i admit i am not able to understand the compilation …
Before throwing in the towel, there is someone (even in private) who has the patience to help me “step by step” … I really struggle to understand how to proceed (and I have read a lot on the forum, seen tutorials … but I get lost …)

I haven’t tried to connect the skr 1.4 to an mpcnc, so I can’t really know that I have it working. When I looked at it before, I got a little confused by the endstops not having the same labels as the larger skr boards use.

The Skr Pro with 2209 drivers is a cinch. You don’t even need to compile anything with a “normal” mpcnc, just flash the file that we include in the zip file.

Basically, I am not going to volunteer on this one to configure for the skr turbo. Maybe ask someone who is using the skr turbo for tips. I would also strongly suggest doing it in public. It might be a little more embarrassing, but it is so much more helpful and it is an easy way to pay it forward.


I searched for good on the forum … and in the end I managed to find this! and finally I managed to run the engines … I don’t know why … or how … but they work!

this is main discussion link (could be useful for new arrivals)

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Glad my software works for you, I don’t really remember what I did but if you have questions let me know…

hi everyone, noob here too.

I happen to have a SKR 1.4 turbo with 2209s from a 3D printer upgrade that I never did.

I’ve searched through this forum and saw a few threads including this one.

Is there a good config for the this board?
Also, saw in one of the threads that someone posted you do not need to bend/ cut the pin. Has this been confirmed to work?

If someone could please direct me to a good config / walkthrough I’d be grateful!

Thank you

hi, i have a problem that i can’t understand … i connected these switches you have limit switches (if i didn’t misunderstand your firmware should already be configured to accept them.) but when the contact closes repeiterhost freezes and i have to disconnect everything and restart the program to make it work … what am I wrong?

Those switches are usually wired wrong. But if you are having connection problems, they are probably very wrong. I suspect you are shorting 5V to ground.

The bare switches, without the little pcb have fewer issues.

Those are 3 wire switches, like @jeffeb3 said, you probably have them wired wrong and are shorting 5v. The switches I’ve used are normally open (NO) and when triggered they just ground a floating pin, no power is ran through them.

I haven’t had good luck trying to use those circuit boards in NC situations - the 3 wire circuit activates an led when the switch is tripped which messes with trying to reverse the logic of the switch on the board.

I have had good luck cutting the switches off and connecting them direct without the PCBs by wiring the C and NC terminals to ground and signal respectively.

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i bought the bare connectors … but i don’t get any response from the board. what am I doing wrong?

How are you checking for response?

in repeiterhost I send the manual control and then I press the switch …

They don’t work that way. They don’t stop the machine, unless you are homing.

  1. Use M119 to see the state of the switch.
  2. It looks like you have it connected to NO, so I would expect it to be reversed.

Sending M119 will show the current state of endstop switches.