Skr pro 1.2 noisy steppers

Just working on getting my lr3 squared, and i was having alot of noise when moving the z axis.
No noise happens when homing, but very noisy when doing any movements.
I am running the downloaded skr pro dual endstop for lr3 firmware.

I removed the threaded rods for testing and narrowed it down to only z1 stepper(left side).
Tried stepper in z2 board slot, same issue.
Reveresed connector, noise gone.
Issue can be replicated on z2.

As you can see in then pic z1 is blue red green black, z2 is black green red blue.

All my other connectors are oriented the same as z1 without issue.

Also not sure why the z motors need to be opposite… they are meant to spin in the same direction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You might be trying to move to fast?

G0 Z30 F600

As for the flipped axis, I will have to look, the y might be that way in the firmware. Should not cause any issues.

I was using the default speed in the firmware.

What i ended up doing after some testing was comment out INVERT_Z2_VS_Z_DIR, so both plugs were the same direction. Then switched INVERT_Z_DIR to true, so i could flip the plugs around to the not noisy orientation.

Not sure why only the z has the issue or even why the noise. Only time ive ever had a noise like that with a stepper was a bad wire, but that causes noise and no movement.

Im using a 24v power supply, not sure if thats related at all either.

But for now the noise is gone and everything moves as expected.

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I recently had a noise on one of my Z motors when I was building my second LowRider 3. After simply disconnecting and reconnecting the wire where it connects into the main board the sound went away, and some time around then Ryan posted suggesting that it was likely a wiring issue. That’s the only thing I can think of. Stepper motors are really simple devices. Other than wiring there are few other likely suspects.

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