SKR Pro 1.2 question

Since this board has stepper motors for xyz E0, E1, & and E2. Is it possible to change this board to work in six axes so xyzabc?

AFAIK, Marlin doesn’t support abc axis.if you had the right firmware, then yes. The electronics can handle that.


As Jeff said, the hardware can do it. It has full control over 6 stepper motors. Software? Well…

More to the point, what would you even do with 6 axes? And where would you find anything that could do the CAM for it?

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Well, look at this:

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correct, I did see that marlin did support 6 axes now. I just wasn’t sure if I could have E0, E1, & E2 act as driver axes for a CNC. In theory, it should work, but I haven’t messed around with it personally to understand if I could actually do it or not. As for the software, I was thinking more along the lines of LinuxCNC.

I currently have a MPCNC with a mini Rambo built but I’m looking for a much more rigid setup. The new CNC im going to be building is going to be 3 axes to start then upgrade the setup in time.

I’m primarily trying to decide between the SKR pro 1.2 and Universal CNC controller.

Linuxcnc won’t run on the skr pro.

This was news to me.