SKR Pro Control, LCD/TFT vs?

If you are planning on going down the wifi route I suggest you take a look at the MKS TinyBee board and either the mks tft24/35 or the mini 12864 if you want a display. It has ESP32 built in and employs the ESP3D web interface.

@Ryan I don’t suppose the MKS Mini 12864 would be suitable as a replacement for your BTT 12864 dilemma?

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Esp32 built in!?! ohhhhhh

Just ordered one of those tiny screens. Thanks for the suggestions everyone I am still looking around.

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Well those mini screens are the same price as the big old school ones., I have one on the way, I used to have one but I kinda get the feeling it is too small of a screen.

I also have One of these adapters which allows wifi connectivity with an SKR Pro. These were made in order to be able to run RepRap Firmware on an SKR board. I plan on experimenting with this for my second Repeat build. I have an SD card built to do it, but it also appears that the adapter can be used with Marlin firmware, possibly with the same interface as the Duet Web control, This would allow access to the internal SD card over wifi, and starting jobs from from a web browser, like a phone or tablet.

Personally, the idea of running RepRap Firmware is appealing, as this will allow me to run a Repeat printer without needing to buy a more expensive Duet 3 6HC, or find one of the expansion boards for the Duet 2, which seem to be no longer in production. (At least the local authorized reseller hasn’t had any in a very long time.)

I really like RepRap Firmware, though I guess it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so the possibility of using it on the SKR Pro is appealing to me (Enough to buy the wifi adapter, at least.) and the Duet Web control is a good interface for it.

I was a little disappointed in the ESP01S when it forced me to use 8.3 filenaming, as I thought that otherwise, it was adequate. The developer says that it’s a limitation of Marlin, but of course we use long filenames in Marlin all the time, now, so it shouldn’t be a Marlin limitation anymore, just the ESP01S firmware still limits to 8.3 filenaming.

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I think the gcode standard uses 8.3naming, but you need to use a second command to get the long name from the 8.3 name. So basically, it is a limit of making a file over gcode.

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I did see that esp32 adapter this morning, That could be fun.

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Okay, I had to pull the trigger on something or I will not have any boards. I am getting the new chipped tft35e3 v3. Technically it is a faster processor and it takes no firmware work, just making sure the right bin is flashed. You do get an error if you flash the wrong one.

I am going to experiment with the wifi, and smaller screen and probably offer one as an option instead of the V3.

I did find another source for the old LCD, fingers crossed the samples are decent.


Well the mini 12864lcd…20+ marlin options…no thank you.

Okay the esp programmers finally showed up. Now I get to play with the wifi.

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Well, I gotta say so far so good I am completely fine with the headless setup. Esp-01s (3.3V) for the SKR and the esp32 (5.5v) for the Rambo. Flashing is easy, I can edit the setup file so they are good to go without making 1000 edits each.

I think I am going to start offering them as an option in the shop. It is a slam dunk for the SKR bundle since that screen is so expensive.


OK I’m impressed but will it be a improvement over the Uno and CNC V3 i am running now? I like the GRBL post i use for Vcarve and don’t mind the WIN 10 tablet i use as a sender i have used a PIE v3 as a sender also and with Vcave loaded on the tablet for editing and the network connection for sending files on either but i am always seated at the machine anyway. Is 32 bit a improvement I’m missing? I’m not knocking more power just wanting to know what jt brings to the table.

No not an improvement. The esp32 is just being used because it is 5V tolerant…and the webui is already written for it, and If I buy a giant box of them, they are pretty cheap. Plus I need to find a way to use these things more, they are a pretty sweet package for under $10.


Nice to know just making sure I wasn’t giving something up. It is also good to know there are inexpensive options still also. :grinning:

Personally, I use the ESP-01S module to enhance the TFT35. There is a port on the TFT35 E3 that also allows the module to attach, and from there it has access to the SD card slot in the screen, I think the USB port as well, but haven’t tried it.

I’d like to know what firmware you’re flashing the ESP01S module with.

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There is one directly in the skr pro repo, as odd as that is, but GitHub - luc-github/ESP3D: FW for ESP8266/ESP8285/ESP32 used with 3D printer seems to have a new dev branch. I have not looked at any differences yet.

Looks like long file names…and CNC icons should be coming. Maybe I can help with that.ESP3D 3.0 · GitHub

Just realized the Rambo does not have a memory card on board, so headless is a no-go for that one.

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Oh no, no, no, you’ll never finish the LR3 if you go down that rabbit hole.


That is an esp8266. The 01 is the form factor of the PCB.

You can use the one on the screen, right? Or do your modules replace the screen to get the pins?

I am not sure where it will plug in but the idea was to offer a no screen option. I can’t seem to find anymore half decent 1286 lcd’s. I can’t get them anymore unless I buy 2000 at a time.

You have tons of io on the ESP32. You could add an SD card to that. This would work accross all platforms then.

The ESP32 cam boards already have it fitted if you could source those cheap.

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Thanks, I will look at the firmware and see if it is setup for it or not. Jeff sent me one of those cam boards so I could do testing if needed.