SKR1.3 Firmware Explained

So, looking at the firmware page of Github, I was wondering if there was any documentation on the differences of each setup for the boards in general.
I understand that they are set up as board.x.x.x.x are the setup for steppers in series. The Dual are the steppers in parallel. The DualLR is supposed to be the dual endstops for X&Y max. When I looked at the skr1p3 dualLR (2209) the X steppers are in series with the dual X being commented out. It also shows 2 Z steppers. According to the name layout, shouldn’t this be X & Y steppers in parallel (X,Y,E0,E1) with Z=Z and then max endstops at far back right and none in the front left?
I also noticed that , I might have this wrong, but Dual has an endstop for Z, but uses the touch plate on the DualLR one.

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My background is mostly 3d printing with the skr 1.3 and TMC2209s. A lot of Chris’ Basement And Mike from Teaching Tech.

Dual is for the mpcnc. dualLR is for the lowrider2. it has 2y 2z and only 1x. it does home up and probes down with touchplate

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When we say “parallel” here, we mean that two motors are wired together to one driver in parallel. Dual is different, because it is one motor per driver.

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Hello there ! Thanks for the explanations (thought LR was for LeftRight :smiley: )

I downloaded the SKR1.3_DualLR_8825 version = one motor per driver (thanks Jeffb3). I’ve setup my endstops’pin like this on my board :

x_min = x_min / y_min = y_min / y_max = E0_min / z_min = z_min / z_max = E1_min

the homing of the Y axe works perfectly with this setup !
but for the X axe, after homing nicely, I get this : Error:Printer halted. kill() called!
and when homing, the Z axe starts going up (only the Z motor, the E1 stays still).

Do you have any advice ?
Mille merci !

The Z endstops in the dualLR are set to home up. This is because you will smash the switches if the LR falls on them after a power off.

In the dualLR for things like the rambo, the Z1 endstop is z_max and Z2 is x_max. z_min is programmed for the z probe, which uses G38.2 to probe down.

More inf here:

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