SLicer Settings

G’day Guys,


I am about to print my first parts on the Ender 3 which has a 0.4 nozzle, I will be using pla.

I have set wall count to 3 and layer height to.3 (70% 0f 0.4 was 0.28 )

Are these slicer settings good for the parts? What infill pattern do you recommend… I have increased the infill for this part to 55 now…

[attachment file=68408]



Newcastle, Australia

Looks good.

If you really want to get nerdy with the infill, CNC Kitchen has a test series. I believe he ended up with rectilinear slightly winning.


I found 4 perimeters, 4 top and bottom layers, and 40% gyroid to work really well. Can’t remember where it was, but someone on the forum (@Barry maybe) referred to a CNC Kitchen youtube video comparing infill vs. perimeters to increase strength and strength to weight ratio.

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Thank you… start printing tonight