Snack tray

Saw this thing on Pinterest a while ago and liked it a lot. The original was something dark (walnut I guess) and made from one single piece of wood. Unfortunately solid pre-surfaced wood is hard/impossible to get as a hobbyist in Germany. That’s why I used what we can get: sheets made of real wood glued together aka “leimholz”.

Things I learned:

  • I need a tray bit. It seems that we don’t have a German word for this kind of bits (or i couldn’t find it) so I needed to order from china. I am curious how it will work. For this I used an end mill and some kind of round nose bit. But the round nose bit did not work as I expected because it was not able to clear the inside of the pocket. That’s what I used the endmill for.
  • I need a planer :smiley:
  • i hate manual sanding. Because of my poor bit choice I needed to sand a lot to get the radius smooth. In the end I lost motivation and that’s why there are some marks still visible in the pockets. Any tips how to sand pockets like this with tool support?


3M sanding sponge

Nice for getting into awkward spots. I’ve got a few pieces of bamboo dowel, about 1/4" diameter that I’ve wrapped one end with craft foam and sandpaper contact cemented to it. I can put that in a drill and spin it at low speed to do some power sanding in small places.


The wood looks great though. Where did you get your “Leimwood” from? And what kind of wood is used for it?

In the sorotec online shop tray bits are called “Schalenfräser”. Maybe that will help you to find some.

I love this community. Two answers and both are great hints.

@Tsu: it’s from my local big box store (Hornbach or globus, I don’t remember) and it is “Akazie”. In the shop it looks a lot deeper, but if you sand it a little the stain/oil is removed and the -in my opinion- much nicer real color show up. The piece in the picture was only threated with mineral oil.

Btw: I checked sorotec - twice- but I managed to miss those mills x-D

Nice, thank you! I ll have to remember to look for it next time I m there.