Software powered speed controll

New to the community, printing parts for my build now. As I was researching another project I came across this. Just wondering if anyone has used one to try and control spindle speed/on/off for the ac routers at all with one of these?

Wow! It would be great if it work for that! I’ve sent the company an email to ask if they know if I can use their product to control the speed of my DW660 with and arduino/ramps setup running Marlin. I’ll let you know what they reply.


It says it can work for motor control on the page, runs up to 12amps. Should work for anything from dremel to the dewalt. I’ll be using repetier firmware since it now supports switching modes between cnc mill, laser cutter and 3d print. Seems like it would be the perfect firmware for this machine.

I’m not sure if it will work with Marlin easily. Normally you would use a SSR and the PWM of one on the fan headers or one of the spare PWM pins. There sample arduino sketch doesn’t look like a pwm signal.

I could be wrong. That’s my 2 minute assessment. If It does work though great deal for $17.