Software tool chain for drag knife? pen?

Newbie here. I have built a couple of printers, but this is my first adventure into cnc.
Thanks vicious for the cheap first step.
I am just starting to put the machine together. I have all my pieces printed, all the necessary parts, and hardware.
I bought the drag knife off of vicious site, but I don’t know what software to use to make it work?? or using a pen??
I am in the process of printing out the pen holder that vicious posted, and I am sure I have to design some type of holder for the drag knife.
Ultimately, I intend to put on the $100 laser.
Just want to get it working first
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

The easiest way to get your feet wet is a pen and use the engrave setting in estlcam, or mill on the path with a small depth. Same with the knife, but I think there is a lead in setting now to help make better cuts. I use different software for the laser.