SOLD - MP3DP Kit for Sale - Indiana

Looking to sell a kit of parts for a MP3DP as I have not been able to put the time into it that I was hoping to. I am hoping that it will find a new home with someone that can give it the time it deserves ;).
MP3DP Printed Parts ($32 new)
MP3DP Frame with Hefe Plate (~$30)
Bearings, Fasteners, Pullies, Steppers, Belts, Etc. (~$100)
Genuine Einsy Board ($110 new)
Aluminum Heated Bed ($20 new)
Magnetic Build Plate ($20 new)
Titan Aero Clone ($35 new)
CNC’d 3D Printer Enclosure (~$80)
Exhaust Fan ($20)
Filment Holder ($7)
Raspberry Pi & Pi Camera ($68 new)
TOTAL: $522 New – Asking $375 OBO!


Bump. Dropping price to $325 OBO

PM sent

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This has been sold.