Solid shaft instead of tubing?

Hello, I’m from Denmark, and I can’t seem to be able to source the correct sized conduit, so I was wondering if anyone have tried massive shafts instead?

I did the frame in solid SS rod but, bare in mind, that is ~3kg/m and can be excessive mass for moving parts. Vicious is launching a new variant; maybe U can find that size :slight_smile:

What size is available locally for you?

It actually seems hard to find anything made from Steel, I can procure aluminium tubing in various sizes.
vicious1 wouldn’t it be a good idea to make a parts customiser for compatibility with all the different tubing sizes?

Aluminum will not work. Where are you located? You can’t order something online 23.5, 25, or 25.4mm? Me or maybe someone closer could mail you conduit if you can’t find it online.

A customizer is out of the question. Every single part changes with the rail size, as well as moving mass, and hardware length. The amount of under sizing depends on the size of the rail as well. If the design strayed too far, new electronics would be needed.

I’m located in Denmark, so unless you or somebody is located in Europe its not going to work well shipping the tubing.

What program do you use for the machine design? I use Inventor myself, and I could make scripted parts designer using parametric parts, and then batch it all up and create various parts for various tubing sizes.

By electronics do you mean the motor size will go up?

I use solidworks.

At this time I am not will to do a fully parametric design. I spend more than half of my day doing tech support and trouble shooting, usually on parts I didn’t sell. I don’t have the time or money for a huge variety of machines.

You can’t get stainless steel tubing locally on ebay?

+John T

Looks you looking for an ready-to-assemble solution.

I’m in Portugal. You can buy the IE(25mm) kit from Vicious and I can send you the SS pipes from here.

You only need pipes for moving parts; center cross and Z. The others IMO are best solid rod.


Hi John, I’m from Denmark too.

Bauhaus actually has chrome 25 x 1.2mm pipe in 2m lengths, can’t find it on their website though.

I used those, not as cheap as I would like, but the rollers run very well on the smooth chrome surface :slight_smile:

Also Sanistaal has “dekorationsrør” 25mm in stainless.

Didn’t manage to find anything really cheap though

Not really, I can self source the printed parts.

Jakob Andersen,
What was the price per pipe, from Bauhaus?
I looked at sourcing from Sanistaal and was looking at something called hydraulikrør and it would appear to have very good tolerances due to the usage in hydraulic pistons. But I’m sure the price is everything but DIY friendly.

The price was around 200DKK per 2 meter pipe, a bit high I think… but it was all I could find at the time :slight_smile:

Yeah the hydraulic pipe is too expensive for sure (even with a 50% discount they still want over 300dkk + tax for those).

The type I would like to try if I ever build another(its tempting :D) is this

Its about the same price as the Bauhaus stuff, but should be better (2mm vs 1.2) and also I can get a pretty good discount so for me it would actually be cheaper.

+John T. You’re welcome. Have nice build.

sent a customer your way yesterday for a one inch kit when that is ready.