Some samples of ESTLCAM settings with the 45 degree bit from V1 shop

i was having a hard time understanding what text settings in ESTLCAM meant…and wasn’t sure what depth to try for fonts. So I made this board with various settings and carving methods (carved below each) to get an idea. I also tried 4pt at .7mm to see how small I could go. I think staining the pine helped by making the contrast really stand out. Sending the pics here in case it helps others…I’m going to make more of these to try to learn techniques and understand depth. Any suggestions are more than welcome, I feel like I should be able to get much better results for text once I learn more. I see why Ryan keeps saying that it’s your CAM skills that are critical to how the machine performs :slight_smile:

That board is pretty awesome. Great idea.

For fonts Carve is usually always going to be the better option as it can make sharp corners. Then you have to mess with a really low step over to get rid of the ridge in the middle if the font is large. For fonts under 1/8" (or the v-bit diameter) It works really fast as the only pocketing is on large inside corners. My little “ted” carve vid has a good example of this.

Ryan thanks for the reply…the stepover is something I sadly overlooked, and can’t wait to get a second to try that out with a different stepover setting.

I reviewed the video at and noticed that in ESTLCAM, you set the ‘degree’ field to 60 for the bit, and list it as a 45 degree bit. I’m guessing this is more CAM stuff that I’m just naive to…how did you know to put 60 degrees in there? Is there some math you do on the degree of the bit to get there?



Your totally right, the video is not correct. You can tell by the over-cut corners on the material. Use 45 for sure.