Sometimes I think

I do this more because I like designing add on parts.

Then I remember I also need a bunch of crap cut out for my car…

I write this as im designing cable chain connectors


I spend more designing and testing than actually using these days.


I’m like that with most things. This car im hoping to get more use than the last one.

I’m waiting for the days where desktop metal 3d printing is a thing. Lol


Right…Why am I screwing with CNC. Metal printing would be more useful! Just imagine the types of parts you could fabricate, DREAMY!

Just imagine…


Are you kidding me!!! Wowzers… :crazy_face:

Trying to not lose interest lol.

Lots of parts I’ve made on the cnc for this.

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How the heck do you lose interest in that beast. If you did it might attack you while you sleep! That exhaust looks like it was fun.

Looks like it’s cross eyed and hungry. I have spent more time tinkering with my 3D printer than printing. My wife has a looooong list of stuff queued up for the low rider though.

If you don’t use this car don’t hesitate to send it to me!
Looks awesome. Too bad I don’t have an instagram account so I can’t see the other pics.

Just wondering, is there any reason why the pipes going from the turbo to the intercooler are so long? Couldn’t you turn the turbo flange to get it in another angle so that those pipes would be shorter?
It sure looks great like this, but I’m just wondering, is there a technical reason to have more air volume before the intake plenum?

Car has working headlights

That’s one impressive Lada.

I cut this on the mpcnc, still have 1 more piece to cut. It goes on the back with a 57" carbon wing that I 3d printed the core


Ah now I am putting it together. I knew I had seen some of it before.