Sourcing parts in Canada

My father in law has sourced me 20ft of 1" SS tubing (.065" walls though) for $46 CAD +tax and he was able to snag all of the hardware on the list for peanuts. I am going to print all the printable parts on my Wanhao i3 (was thinking dewalt yellow), which leaves only the electronics/motors, etc (I will buy the dewalt 660 spindle if I see it on sale).

I am just wondering if this product checks off most of the parts in the electronics list and if they will be considered reliable?

Thanks, looking forward to getting started.

Edit: I plan to go for the 30" x 30" to avoid extra supports and will be using it for mainly plexi/acrylic/aluminum/some wood maybe. I am interested in doing the laser upgrade as well at some point but will probably not use it for 3D printing (but never say never). Will 20’ of SS tubing be enough for a 30x30 build? I found the linked calculators confusing in my hamster brain.

I just bought a Kuman ramps + drivers kit off works for me. Nice clean soldering pins were straight. No complaints.

You will probably want 8825 drivers though.

ah, good catch! Doesn’t look like they have a kit that includes the 8825 drivers.

Well, I tried all kinds of combinations of sourcing parts (amazon, aliexpress, local) and to be honest, buying the bundle through this site is what I ended up doing. I am paying a little more but with that, I get all the parts at the same time and the electronics are already to go (plug and play). Plus, I know that everything should work together! So for the time you put into bundling this stuff and setting up and testing it, I think you seem to have it priced very fair! The crap part is our exchange rate right now; the bundle and lcd parts, that you have on sale, came to $418 CAD shipped to NS. Hopefully I don’t get dinged with any duty charges or other taxes. Can any other Canadians on here speak to that?

You will have to pay your provincial taxes on import. $418 CAD ain’t bad at all… hindsight being 20/20 if I could start over I would have just bought from here. Spent the extra and save the headaches I have gone through.

It’s USPS, so hopefully it slides through without charges!

Might get lucky… Its seems hit and miss when stuff comes in through the mail. For me anyways.

Held in customs since 2 october. Not looking good…

What is being held?

Sometimes that status takes a real long time to change. But then gets to your door real fast.

I ordered the hardware bundle.

That shouldnt be an issue. Either they are busy or they are inspecting it

Yeah, I gathered that much but I figure I’m going to get taxed. Was hoping it would slip through.

oh right… Yea looks like the tax man has got you.