Southern Maryland MPCNC For Sale

It’s been a fun journey over 4 years long, but I have a new CNC on the way to support production levels so I’m looking to sell my MPCNC.

For sale:

  • Printed parts in PLA/PETG. Center assembly is printed in PLA for maximum stiffness, other components are a mix of PLA and PETG.
  • Hardware (fasteners, bearings, Z-axis leadscrew) *no EMT conduit will be shipped due to prohibitive shippings costs
  • Electronics, including RAMPS 1.4/Arduino MEGA clone board flashed with GRBL-MEGA, 5 NEMA 17 stepper motors (76 oz-in, I believe). Two limit switches for X and Y homing. 12V PSU. LCD screen if you want to use it with Marlin. Z-touch probe.
  • Wiring and belts are currently configured for about 24"x24" cut area. I believe there's enough wire tucked away to expand a few extra inches.
  • DeWalt 660 Router with Harbor Freight Router Speed Controller. Will include a few single flute upcut bits.
  • X, Y, and Z cable chains
Asking price is $300 + shipping. Send me a PM with your address and I'll give you a shipping estimate.

If local pickup is desired, I will include the enclosure and the table as well for an additional $75, $375 total.

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Glad we could be a gateway and stepping stone to bigger things! Kinda cool to hear actually.

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Absolutely. It’s been a blast exploring the limits of your machines to come up with awesome projects.

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I’m interested but as a new user I can’t send a PM. What does shipping look like to 49930?

I’ll send you a PM once I figure out an estimate.

Machine has been sold.

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