Spindle Noise

I’ve had my MPCNC running for a week or so and I’m very happy. I’m using a cheap Harbor Freight trim router, which works fine, but it’s loud. I’m no stranger to routers, so I’m kinda used to it, but for longer jobs, it’s too much.

If I replace this with a spindle, I know it will be quieter, but will it be $100 worth quieter? The highest noise comes from the cutting, which I don’t think would be that much quieter.

The cutting noise won’t change. Neither will the vacuum. I have some ear protection that I can listen to podcasts on while it is running.

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Unless you get a good spindle, it’s not worth the loss in height. Most DC spindles have the collet adapter bolted to a regular DC motor. It adds quite a bit of length.

What about building an enclosure? That’s the route I’m going to go to dampen the noise.

You need to enclose the shop vac as well. They get hot in a box…

I have been seeing where people hook the shop vac up to a variable speed switch and then turn it down to as low as possible while still being able to suck. That seems to help decently.

Some vacs use a fan on the spindle to cool so be careful they can get hot I got a dust collector from harbor freight much quieter than my shop vac and I dont have to empty it often