Spindle Upgrade

Does anyone have a source for better spindles?

Right now I have one of those cheap chinesium 500W spindles that can be had for 60-70$, basically just a DC motor with an ER11 collet stuck on it. The biggest problems with it are that the collet is about 2" away from the body of the motor, add to that the length of the bit and it chatters like hell even under relatively small loads, and its low speed. What I like about it is the low noise and weight compared to routers and the price.

I’m looking for the following:

  • Price between 150-250$
  • Around 500W, aircooled
  • ER11 collet
  • <1kg
  • 20000-25000RPM
  • not too loud
Does something like that exist?

I found this one from stepcraft, but 530€ is over my budget.


They also offer a spindle for 219€, but I’m worried that 1.6kg is too heavy. It also uses an OZ collet, which I have never heard of before…


Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:

I just found this one on aliexpress:


Does anyone have any experience with a spindle like that one?

It seems like a nice spindle for not much more money than the standard 500W models.

Alternatively there’s also models like this one, which have about the same specs and just have a square body instead of a round one:


That second one is too big. Not sure about the first one.

im a bit confused why wouldnt you use the de walt or another router thats fits the plate along with a 6mm to 3mm reducer chuck for er11 bits, the small hand routers are not too heavy and and katsu or zen (makita clones) are cheap

Routers are super loud (at least the ones I have used so far), and since I live in an apartement I try to keep the noise of my cnc as low as possible.

Routers are really only much louder when you are not actually cutting. When you are cutting the noise is very similar between the two types. Typically the dust collection vacuum and the cutting bit are the noise generators.

I think I found what I was looking for:


209€ + 49€ for the collets, it’s at the upper end of my budget but seems like a really nice spindle.


I have the AMB FME-P 1050. It’s really nice and can handle whatever you throw at it. The ER16 collet is a big plus over the FME-Q for me.

Regarding the sound levels I tend to agree with what others have said. Vacuuming + cutting in even light materials will cause way more sound than the actual router/spindle. I also live in an apartment, and without an enclosure it is not really possible to use it, unless you have very nice neighbors.

I do have it in an enclosure which I plan on soundproofing further in the near future.

I just contacted them to see if there is an 800W spindle with an ER11 or ER16 collet.

Can you tell me what you don’t like about their own collet system? The only negative I can see is that it’s not cross compatible with other systems.

As far as I know their collet system has a higher run out than the standard ER16. Also, with a standardized system you can buy the spring collet from all over, while I guess you will have to buy their own system from a them?

Owning a set of ER16 spring collets can be nice if you are into machining and need them for other applications.


But I’m sure both options would serve you well!

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Right now I’m working some more on the enclosure and the dust collection, I will probably get the spindle as a christmass present for myself :wink:

Viktor, did the DW660 mount fit your spindle or did you have to design something yourself?