Spool jam

I have printed several rolls of filament through my voron, but the roll I am on now keeps binding up. Its happening at the intersection of one side of the spool. I can give it a frim tug and it is free again for a while then it does it again. I am assuming this has something to do with how the spool was wound.

How do you handle this when it happens. Is there a way to fix this? Wind it onto another spool?

That is a bummer. Most spools these days are wound nearly perfectly, bummer to hear about a sloppy one.

If you typically do a bunch of small prints I would try to free up as much as you need and rewind it on the same spool. Eventually it will not be jammed anymore. Rewinding a whole spool would not be fun and probably not be very easy .

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I occasionally have a roll that binds. For those rolls, I take the roll off the printer and still attached to the extruder & unwind 16 to 20 feet down the hallway & wind it back on. This usually gets me an hour of printing. For longer prints, this has to be done several times. It is a little bit of hazzle, but beats having a failed print. I have to keep an eye on the printer when doing long prints with this problem & can usually hear it when it is starting to strain if I am nearby.

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