Spread Sheet

I created a spreadsheet to track the parts I have / need still

Just thought i would share it… it is just the tables from the page with pics added and a counter for the printed parts




MPCNC.xlsx (674 KB)


That’s awesome, I have done the same thing, except I used google sheets, and didn’t include the pictures. Although, the images would be a great help determining which parts are which. I’ve just got a bin I been tossing them into so far. I’m over half way done with printing, on part wise, just not time. Been doing the shorter stuff first, as I am still breaking in my new Mk3 Prusa. Just had it over two weeks now!

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The OctoPrint history plugin also helps a bunch for long, multi-print jobs like this. A checklist of some sort (I also used a spreadsheet) is necessary, but the plugin really helps for when you forgot to tick the box, or worse - forgot which part you just printed!

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