Square to round flat pattern

I want to create a fume extractor hood. Something that goes from 3’ or so square to a 6" round. I could draw it up myself in solidworks, but I figured there is software that can create the flat patterns for me that I could cut out and assemble. I can’t seem to find anything, but I don’t know what to search for either.

What suggestions do you guys have?

I used Tube Joint Pattern Generator to generate the intersection of my dust collection drum with the dust duct, but it looks like it only does cylinder-to-cylinder intersections.


Fusion 360 has a sheet metal workspace for this kind of task, and it will create the flat pattern. My one unknown here is how you make the transition between the round and the square. The workspace will unfold curved surfaces, but you cannot just do a loft for the transition and unfold it. Depending on what you are looking for, you may have to have a round hole in the base of your cone, or you may have to model the round tube connection separately and attach the two sheet metal designs together before cutting out the pattern.




Somewhat frustrating that f360 cannot handle complex surfaces well. The sheet metal tools also aren’t able to handle complex curves either, from what I can tell it just bends about an axis, not a cone.

That site shows just how simple the geometry and maths are… too bad this isn’t automated in f360 sheet metal tools.

That’s because Autodesk want you to buy Inventor.
F360 is between Sketchup and Inventor in price and performance, so they are not going to give it all the bells and whistles.


'How to create square to round sheet metal | Autodesk Inventor - YouTube

Well, it is not straight forward or easier than Inventor, but you still can do it in Fusion 360.
Here is the explanation on how to do it.
360 LIVE: Creating HVAC parts in Fusion 360 Sheet Metal


Thank you for all the tips. I also found one after know what to call it a little better.


That is a good find!! Thank you for the link