Start to my Lowrider table

So, I’ve been a long-time lurker, but this is my first post. A couple years ago I tried my hand at an MPCNC and while I had some success, the lure of the larger work surface kept me dreaming of building a low rider. Last fall, I completed all of the printing and used my MPCNC to cut out the wood parts. I’ve been thinking about options for a work surface and finally settled on building a wooden frame around an old outdoor aluminum table top I had been holding on to. The attached pic is the start of the table. My goal is to be able to build some detachable side panels to increase length and width when a project warrants. I like that the aluminum frame keeps the table light and it should also be very stiff. I don’t recall seeing anybody else take this approach, so if people think this is a bad idea, please let me know.

TIA for any feedback.


Haven’t seen this before, however there have been numerous creative efforts in table design. Make it a pivot table and it can work by day and host patio party’s at night!

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Let us know how this works out for you. It is an amazing idea that I feel many will copy when you get it finished.

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Length should be easy to extend, but width could be more difficult (assuming y axis is width). You’ll need the Y rails to be as long as the widest width you expect to cut. I guess you could either have extra stick out when running smaller jobs, or have a second set of rails to switch out when doing larger cuts.

It’ll be curious to see what problems and solutions you come up with.

Yep, I bought some over-sided rails for the width expecting that when I run the table with smaller jobs, I can just give myself some floor space for the overhang.