Stepper Drivers

Has anyone experienced this issue. I am using a ramps 1.4 with DRV8825 drivers. Originally when I configured the board I used Ryan’s MPCNC813_GLCD configuration. Being inexperienced I missed the step to change the drivers from the default A4988 to DRV8825. It all worked fine and I did many carves even hooked up a laser. Last week I realized my error and changed the configuration to DRV8825. I did some research and found out that the A4988 and DRV8825 drivers are almost the same and DRV8825 will respond to A4988 commands, so I assume this is why the all worked. Once I changed the configuration I have the following issue. Using Estlcam 11.040 and carving a design at 2.5mm depth, when the carve gets to the point where it is finishing off all the shapes which require variable depth it almost seems to loose z steps. Eventually it will not return to z=2.0mm when it is moving accross the carve, more like -0.75mm, creating gouges in the carve. I made sure the z lead screw and stepper coupling is tight, there is no slippage. X and y remain ok. Thought it might be a static discharge scrambling the Mega256, but I have done the carve three times and get the same result. The Estlcam gcode is correct when spefiying z at 2mm during a move. I am going to back to the A4988 driver configuration but does not sit right with me since I have DRV8825. Any advice.