Stepper Problems: Acceleration?

Current Setup:(not bought from shop)


Ramps 1.4 w/ the MPCNC T8 firmware


I am running one motor off of each lead and have the voltage set at .7 ( 2 * .5 * .7) to just test. If I set it any higher than there is a very annoying high pitch sound that is just too much to handle.

My main problem is that whenever I am in repetier host I tell it to jog 50mm. Whenever I do this, it just jerks a bit then goes back to where it was. After this I toggled with the accelerations a bit and changed it from 400 to 1. 400 does not work, 1 does work but is still a bit weird.

So my question is, what are the best acceleration/jerk/max accel settings that I must use to have smooth motion because at the current moment it is just jerking with 400mm/s^2.

Jerking around sounds like the stepper wires aren’t paired properly.

All of the wires are hooked up correctly now with the wiring kit. Now whenever I go 50mm it goes, but then there is a long whining noise at the end

If you mean a high-pitched noise that is probably just the stepper noise.

As long as the steppers are not moving any further it will be ok. You can check , if it is the stepper/driver combination that is responsible for the noise, if you go to your menu and disable stepper motors after moving them. If the noise dissapears , then it was just the steppers beeing energized. This is completely normal and no reason for concern.

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