Stepper Wiring

As told I have a RAMBo 1.4a from V1 Bought a week ago ( I have not even turned it on yet)

I have Nema 17 from “Here” I have the “17HK4401” ones.


I am trying to wire them up to ethernet keystones, but I have not been able to figure out the best and safest way to do this I have the + and - mapped out the I keep seeing things about Parallel and Series and I am unsure which is the best/safest for the RAMBo board. (is it going to pull to many amps or not give enough power to the steppers?)

I am not sure what firmware I am running as I have not turned out on yet (just bought it a week ago)


I dont have endstops as I am told that just complicates things for noobs like myself.

I am running Windows 10


Thanks for any help you may provide as I am at a wall right now =)