Stepper X2 and Y2 is not moving

Hi I have a problem.

I have set up a test for controlling the steppers from the LCD and from Repiter-host an I can control

stepper Z,X1 and Y1 but not X2 and Y2, they are dead.

anyone who has seen this before?

I have a Rambo 1.4 from V1 as all other elecrtic parts


did you upload the dual endstops firmware, if not it will assume your using motors in series, 2 motors on x and y.


Thanks for you reply

I thought the dual endstop firmware was installed on the Rambo 1.4

I will try that.


I ordered the Archim2 kit with dual end stops

The order said If you bought a bundle or electronics board from this site, this is already done.

Using Repetier-Host to operate the unit

I Connected a RepRapDiscount Smart Controller to EXP1 and Exp2

I connected the end stops to their proper place

I connected all the Steppers to their proper place

I Powered up the Archim2 board

The LCD display is blank, like there is no power to the display.

The Repetier-Host only operates the X1, Y1, and Z the X2 Y2 will not operate

Removing the timing belts, I checked the X2 Y2 and there is no power to the steppers

I then reconfigured the steppers in parallel X1,X2 Y1,Y2

Then using the Repetier-Host the MPCNC Archim2 board operated just fine

My question is, could this Archim2 board not been pre-loaded with the dual end stop, how do I check this.

Why is there no display do I need to enable this in the Configuration.h


Am I using the correct Marlin for my Archim2 board which one should I use?



Gordon you should start a new thread of you own to keep things clear. ARCHIM boards are not flashed, you need to flash it. I have direct links on the firmware page for the ARCHIM boards.

Start a new thread at the bottom of this page,