steps help!!!!!!

ok mu build is a little different but here’s my prob… need to set marlin up for steps per
here is my set up
tr12 .4 start 3mm pitch
1/16th m/s
trying to find out what to set up in marlin everything I do says it should be 1066.6667 but its off anyone else good with this?

you didn’t give enough information.

ramps? what drivers? what step rate? did you use the prusa calc?

ok ramps 1.4
I’m not using small divers I’m using external drivers and there set to 1/16th (3200)
stepper motors a 1.8 step angle
now the lead screw is tr12, 3mm pitch 4 start
Travels 12mm (0.4724") per revolution

have it set now as 425 but 1mm to 3mm off still as y and x

that plugs right into the prusa calc and it says 266.67

no the 12mm and tr 12*12 are not the same with 3 m pitch

266 …is 12 pitch?

if I use 12 mm with 3 m pitch I get 1066. and 266 with 12 mm pitch …but it 20 m to short like I said I’m at 425 I took a shot in the dark and now only 3mm extra when I hit 50 y or x movement

That’s 106% try 400

sweet that’s what I’m looking for been trying to figure how to do the math on it but kept messing up somewhere …:slight_smile: