Still playing with the Dragon

Pulled one of the doors off my router cabinet and milled the dragon into it. Note to anybody doing this kind of thing, don’t use a 1/16th end mill to rough out the shapes!! Took forever. Roughed with a 1/16th flat end mill, then finished, twice, damn windows update, with a 1/16th ball end mill. About 20 hours total.

How do you change bits and keep the router in the same place? Just a pause in the gcode of some kind so the steppers are still energized?

When I have estlcam make the g code, I only have it do one part at a time. That way I have a rough g code, then a finish g code. I’ve put a x and y “home” endstop in place and then moved them so my dust collection pipe fits, so I lose another inch or so of cut area. Then I maed a z touch plate. So now before the cut I home x and y, then move the router to where I want to start the cut and write down the offsets. Then I home the z with the touch plate, and then run my script that sets 0 for everything at this location. Once it’s done with the roughing I change out the bit, which usually causes the router to move, so I rehome x and y, then run it back to my written down offsets and rehome z. Then rezero and hit print!