Strange friction on X/Y axis

I just finished assembling my machine (didn’t even run a test print).
When moving the axis I sometimes get a lot of friction and a buzzing noise a result,
BUT this is happening only when I move it in “medium” speed.
If I go really fast or really slow everything goes smoothly.

Some details:

  • Didn’t run a test print yet, but doesn’t seem like steps are being missed (eye only though)
  • Machine is just on the floor right now (not anchored to anything) [Probably “helping” with the noise, but shouldn’t affect friction on the conduit]
  • 25.4 conduit with self 3D printed part (original)
  • Used the kit from the site

I’m probably going to try and play a bit with tension on the nuts and the belts, but if anyone has ideas I would appreciate it.

You need to mount it. It really makes things much easier. Follow the instructions when doing so to keep thing as square as possible.

I can’t mount it right now, I don’t have a table/platform yet :frowning:
I did make sure to keep everything square, maybe something is not prefect I will check it tomorrow.
Although, I’m using stainless steel and its very hard to bend even if I want to

So it seems that the problem is with the belts, or at least, if I remove them the chattering is gone.
Question is, did I tightened them too hard or not hard enough?