Strange message

Does anyone know what this notice is and how to correct it. I have been using Inlscape, estlcam and repetier host - Running the system with my new laptop…My new laptop is windows 11. - I either get this message or the machine moves 3 inches right and STOPS. If I insert an stl with a thumb drive from the old laptop the mpcnc runs it just fine – Any ideas — Thanks Joe

That looks like an error that is out of your control. I would reinstall Repetier host, and make sure you don’t install Repetier server. But I don’t think you could have caused that. It looks like either an error in the program, or a file is missing.

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Ummm…it’s not a problem with your naming of the .gcode file is it…I find spaces and - 's are best avoided. (just a wild guess)

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I was wondering what Barb was, i bet you have it! Try barb-cnc or just barb.gcode