sudden misalignment...

Hello guys and girls!


i’m having trouble with my build. It’s completed but something is misaligned.


i”’ve put the Crowntest in the atachements.

the router doesn’t come back to the “0” but misses it in a couple of mm…


the center was perfectly square when i build it but now it’s not. Even when thightening the alignmentbolts it doesn’t get any better!


hopefully some-one sees my errors…


thanks, Pieter

My gcode or yours? I suggest using my pen holder as well it is a 25minute print.

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Might be skipping steps based on his trials with the carve bit. Belts too lose? GT2 pulley grub/set screws not fully seated? Stepper motor connection intermittent? Only one stepper motor active on one of the axes (this has happened me)?

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Thanks for the replys guys!

@Ryan: i used your gcode. I’ll print the penholder.


@Erwin: the belts are tight, maybe even too tight…

the gt2 pulley is loose indeed, i’ll fix it.

don’t know how to test if all the steppers are running, it “feels” (really scientific…) like they work.


Hope that solves your problem!

Last week I went back and used Blue Loctite on my GT2 set screws after I was sure things were working - and every other set screw was starting to back out after only a few hours of use.

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Belts to tight will make it move jerky. The stepper motors are 76oz, 4.75 pounds. Make sure your 2 X belts and 2 Y belts are the exact same length and adjust tension with the zip tie. Just snug. I used little pliers to set all the bends in the zip ties.

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