Super exciting, New Partner in Austria!

@Michael_Lechner Is authorized to sell MPCNC kits and is up and running!

Being in Austria the goal is to reduce import tax, shipping times, and shipping costs to that entire region of the world. Michael & Michael have been working on the legalities on their end for a few months now. They have also worked with me to develop a model that should make the kits as consistent as possible, and make it easier to bring on more regional partners to try and reduce costs all over the globe.

Once we have some time under our belts and are comfortable and confident with the system I would love to expand this program. Now what does this mean for all of you current users?! I hope this not only grows our community (bigger hive mind) but can also free up some of my time from more behind the scenes work. I would like to put some more time in to the docs and make them more complete, firmware tweaks, and of course ramp up R&D for new machines and machine improvements! We all know I am better at engineering than business and public relations!

There are tons of possibilities from here, but I hope to be seeing more international users.

Thank you for your hard work and diligence these last few months and welcome to the Crew you two!


Thanks for all the work you have put into this to make this work!

We are excited to ship our first orders and spread this awesome hobby and machine :grin:


CONGRATS! to both Ryan and Michael! Always nice to see great products sold/supported by those who care about them succeed. :+1:


@vicious1 congrats! May this work better than you could imagine.


The “thermodynamics” of this make a lot of sense. Having a place to sort and distribute from inside the EU seems like it would be a huge benefit and I hope it ends up a win for everybody (especially the end users, who had a hard time with imports and shipping from the US).



Cheesy, or out of character?


Looks good to me! And personally, I think it’d be pretty neat to do a similar map of all the countries you have builders in.

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LGTM! :clap:

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