Switching filament mid print

Today, I started a print in some HB green PLA and I knew I would run out before I finished it, but I don’t have any more HB PLA. So I let it print, and when it ran out, I paused and stuffed in some other PLA I had (It’s purple “3D Solutech” PLA). I didn’t change a single setting. I didn’t change the temperature, I didn’t change any flow rates, nothing.

I just want to point out that even though there are tough prints that need precise calibration of filament temperature and extrusion and stuff, there is a pretty big allowable margin of error. It’s easy to get caught up in caliper land and forget that.

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Yeah, I think we often overlook how forgiving a calibrated printer can be. I took a test file I made for my MPCNC, scaled it down, and used it for a quick and dirty “proof-of-concept” filament change test. Filaments are from several vendors, no temp changes made when changing layers/colors. Although I do usually test new filaments over a range of temps, I pretty much settled on 210°C a couple of years ago. I didn’t adjust anything but the scale, so top layers look crude, but served my purpose. Photo I took at the time is attached. Print is 70mm x 70mm. Sorry for the poor photo.

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Ha! Bonus points for the text.