T8 Leadscrew too long?

How’s it going! I’m in the process of building my first MPCNC and while assembling the middle and z axis, I noticed that the kit included T8 leadscrew is sticking out from the bottom pretty far, by a few inches. Even with the DeWalt tool mounted, it comes out half an inch past the tool bit, so obviously this isn’t going to work.

My build has a 4" workable height. I used the calculator for all the measurements of the conduit, which told me 11.5" for the z-axis tubing.

I can cut it down a bit if I need to, I just didn’t want to do so without consulting others first. Let me know if you need any other specific info, thanks so much!

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The calc should have given you a leadscrew length as well. It isn’t really that important it just need to be shorter than your Z tubes. So chop it off and you will be fine.

This might sound odd but it is far cheaper for me to buy 300mm T8’s than any other size. That is almost enough for two MPCNC’s of a typical size.

Ok, awesome! I thought leadscrew length in the calculator was just for if you’re using your own supplied allthread. I had a hunch you were just supplying a leadscrew with more than enough length for bigger builds, just making sure I don’t ruin my only leadscrew haha.

Well good to know, the calculator says I just need at least 7" for the leadscrew, so I’ll go with that.

Thanks so much for the fast reply! I’m very excited to share my build when it’s done. Your design is outstanding, thanks again for everything you’re doing man.