Table Design

I am back on my MPCNC project after a few months away. One of the things I want to be able to do is to print large/tall 3D prints. I know that can/will cause issues with the rigidity of the MPCNC while milling and I would like to avoid that. I have been thinking about designing a table that would have one surface (spoil board) with the legs of the MPCNC only at a 4" height and then being able to remove the spoil board and have another surface some distance below it that I would only use for printing, not milling. That should solve the rigidity issue as I would have most all the moment arm of the Z axis above the gantry when milling.

Any thoughts or ideas about this? Has anyone else tried this with success or failure?



It would be easier with a small machine to have dual spoil board heights… What I am thinking I will try to explain…

At the bottom you have your feet as per normal attached to a table and a solid spoil board… Then say mid way up you would have a frame secured Z legs that would allow a drop in spoil board. But must stay clear of the motion of the gantry when using the lower level. The upper spoil board might need some additional reinforcement on the bottom side since it will kinda free floating. Not sure if that makes sense

Here is what I mean… This would also improve the stability and rigidity of the machine too i think.

Same idea, yes. My machine is going to be a bit larger 1300x700. Basically the drawing you have there with the lower part of the legs represented by the cabinet the table is sitting on.