Tambour door cabinetry - lowrider

So this isn’t my project but it popped up on Reddit a couple of days back (apologies if it’s already posted)

But it’s a stunning cabinet with super cool tambour doors made with the lowrider

There’s a matching coffee table too

Really nice work.


Oh, wow. I saw that on Reddit, but I didn’t realize it was the low rider that made it.

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Oh dang!! I saw that as well, how did I miss the LR? Amazing work.

Adding a picture so we can add this to the gallery.


Very cool. I wonder how deep the kerfs have to be for it to get bendy. He mentions it was done with a 1/16" bit. Also, the LR has the cool dust collection duct that I have and love. :slight_smile:

I think they are through cuts, not kerfs.

Impressive design and workmanship. Did anyone checkout the Shaper Origin?https://www.shapertools.com/en-ca/origin/overview
Now that’s a cool piece of tech.

Hmm thanks. Hard to tell from the pics but if you look at some of them at full size I think you are right.

Hi Paul, I’ve been watching videos on that for a while, pretty cool tech for sure.

Shaper origin looks very clever and from all accounts works really well, the long term availability of the tape concerns me a bit though.

Huh. I hadn’t thought of that. It sure seems to beat the prospect of needing a cloud service to use cough printrbot cough.

My bigger difficulty is that you still need to hold the tool the whole time. I also think the functionality is limited because it rides on the surface. The maslow has that same limit. It makes it hard to do some cut out parts and impossible to make big pockets or 3d carving or some multi tool paths.

The best use case I’ve seen for it is doing inlays in hardwood flooring, but yes having to hold it the whole time seems like a hassle.

That is some pretty cool tech imho. I remember when the shot blocker systems came out for firearms, they were not so widely accepted. As I get older I would not mind having something like this to help me sign checks, lol!

…also think dui field test self guided shoes would sell better hehe.