Testing (Wood Cutting)

Hi I have my new cnc up and running but I have got a problem with it running of course when its doing a bigger path the first cut goes good then the next level down it moves y axis and gets off could it be the belts???

Is that an stl? It looks like it is doing a 3d cut not a 2.5d cut. try loading the same part from a dxf or a dwg

It is a .dxf file. What i am doing is going in from libre cad making the file the size i want then saving it and opening it on estlcam and saving as cnc project and the cuts are cutting at a depth of .020" per pass the first pass is good and as it starts it second pass its off and i have checked how square my printer/router is and is within a 1/16"

This might be a librecad issue. I’ve had problems with files where I laid down lines exactly on top of each other in librecad. I can’t see them in my file but ESTLCAM does and they end up defaulting to a different cut style since I never actually select them. Say I select the line that librecad laid on top and make that and inside cut, ESTLCAM will default the lines underneath to outside cuts and I get exactly this issue. You might try making a super simple file in libre with a square deliberately laid on top of another square and see if you get this.

You should be able to look at the gcode file in repetier host or the estlcam preview and see if the tool paths move on the second pass. If you were really clever, you could find the positions of x, y at the corner in the gcode and see if it’s offset on the second pass.

It might also be that you are losing steps, so when the tool is going down the right side, if it loses steps, then it would start in the wrong spot in the upper left. A rectangle would help, so you could measure each side, and see if it’s skipping. It seems like the left side would be messed up more than that though.