TFT screen display backward

Loaded the TFT files from the main control page link and the text is displaying backwards. I loaded other config/bin files and they displayed correctly, but they were for a 3d printer. Are there settings i need to change? 1st time working with an SKR Pro board and TFT screen, so sorry if this is a dumb question.

Thank for any help!!!

Not running one of these myself, but I believe there’s a V1 firmware update that fixes this issue.

I have the same issue building my LR2.

I’m using the “BIGTREE_TFT35_V3.0_E3.26.x.bin” found under the heading V1Engineering Vx.x.26 (latest) in
Releases · V1EngineeringInc/BIGTREETECH-TouchScreenFirmware · GitHub
I’d have hoped this would be the safest.
I have now loaded the firmware to my SKR Pro 1.2. No apparent issues.