Thanks folks!

I just wanted to drop by and say Thanks to Ryan and the gang here in the forums! I’m really enjoying my new CNC hobby.

Since it’s Black Friday, I did some comparison shopping for another RAMBo (new, separate machine just for the laser). Ryan’s prices are dirt cheap compared to even the sale prices at the bigger shops, and actually only a few bucks more than the likely-just-import-trash bargains on Amazon.


Ya, I posted that same comment about a year ago. Ryan’s mark up is really low. I have one sitting in a drawer waiting for my low rider build, a was afraid he come to his senses. ; )

Thank you so much. It really is amazing to hear these sorts of things. I read that to my friends yesterday!

It is hard for me to strike a balance. I need to run a business but I would love to have an even smaller markup! Everyone tells me “raise your prices” I call my suppliers and ask “If I place an order 10X my last one and get a better price?” Then I pass on the discount whenever possible. Really is nice when people notice.