The Brew Tipper

Your existence without the Brew Tipper is a worrisome predicament – a glaring character flaw worthy of serious and lengthy self-reflection – problematic at best; delinquent at the very least.

Discard the Cuisinarts and all those other single-use kitchen items free loading on expensive kitchen real estate. They have been relegated to the trash heap of history.

Make room for the Brew Tipper – your trusty and loyal assistant who will henceforth march triumphantly by your side.

This is not my design. It comes from Clayton Boyer who has a fantastic array of clocks and kinetic models to choose from: Wooden Gear Clock Plans by Clayton Boyer


That came out great James, thanks for posting!

I have two plans by Clayton I purchased and gathered the materials for, now that the Holidays are winding down I hope to get back in the shop and work on a long list of projects I have lined up.

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At first I thought is was stupid, until I read your description. NOW I WANT ONE!

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Oh man that is awesome. I need to check out his other designs as well.

That is awesome!!! Good job!