The Carver's Frickin' Laser Build

Happy New Year everyone! Clearly my productivity today illustrates that I did not overindulge in fluids on New Years’ Eve.

The “Frickin’ Laser” now has a permanent home in the shop, and creates a perfect hidey hole for my table saw which will no longer be another place to put stuff - thereby rendering the saw unused unless I’m motivated enough to clear everything off of it. Win-win!

The table surface is way oversized in width only because I had that span already between two hard mounted benches in the shop already. I had a similar hidey hole for the table saw at my last place so this was a no brainer for this project.

It’s “dead space” in the shop anyway - there is a radiant tube heater right above all of this that requires a 3’ min clearance to any combustibles so the foil-insulation shrouded laser MPCNC will be a perfect fit. And it just happens that this wall is the exterior wall of the garage which is away from all living spaces outside so I can poop the ventilation duct right out the wall.

This build is going to require me to tear apart the other machine to swap y rails but I have some ice work to do over the next 14 days so I have to be careful what I pull apart for the next couple of weeks. I do know I can run the new longer y rails in the current setup - I’ll just leave the excess poking out past the mounts. The dual endstops for the drop table MPCNC will wait until ice carving season is settled down a bit.

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Whoops. Forgot these guys…union break while I wait for the printer!

(In the carver’s union that means beer)

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I don’t know if this is a new “burly” feature or I just missed it on my pre-burly build but this little inset showing where the spacer should be is brilliant Ryan. Nice touch.

[attachment file=81535]

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Ready for some electronic bits! It’s got a stormtrooper feel to it. I like it!

[attachment file=81543]

After the luck I did not have making my own connectors on the MP3DP, I’m wondering if I’m asking for trouble if I snip these wires, extend them as needed and solder them back together to preserve the ends JTech sent the laser and fan with. I’m worried that the small one presents me with some angel hair fine copper that I’m gonna ruin. Any words of wisdom?

[attachment file=82091]

I have to say Ryan…it’s only because of solid design that I can get a result like this with uber light pen pressure because of a bastardized pen mount with more leverage than King Kong on a teeter totter.

Its alive - now to get the laser hooked up! Thanks for the feeling of accomplishment here tonight!

[attachment file=82104]
[attachment file=82105]

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If you are going to solder just twist them up and tin them. I was constantly chasing loose connections so I soldered everything.

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I actually found an extension lead in the box of goodies from JTech for the laser wiring but not the fan. The fan is the little connector in the pic. Does anybody know if the conductors in that wire are super fine or are they easily cut, extended and soldered back together? I’ll see if I can ask JTech as well.

I snipped the fan lead. Two separate conductors in there (red/black). Easily extended. Thank goodness ; ) The enclosure is all built, just need to hook up the laser and cut the ventilation holes - one through the foam enclosure, the other through the wall of the house!

Whoa. Missed a few photos along the way! Here’s a catch up post. All that’s left to do is cut the hole through the garage wall for the ventilation, plumb the ductwork and get burning!

3/4" foam insulation for that space age look. LED interior lighting above all four corners inside and all wiring led out to the gnarly box and the control panel box. [attachment file=86067]
[attachment file=86068]
[attachment file=86069]
[attachment file=86070]
[attachment file=86071]
[attachment file=86072]


Darn sideways photos…I’ll fix those later…

That’s weird…if you click on them they right themselves…

Good enough for me, I either turn my head or click. No big deal. I will look for some image settings though, I am not sure if I can do anything but I will look.

FWIW - those are “Square” photos from an iPhone.

And your machines have me grinning ear to ear once again Ryan. I can’t believe I own a Frickin’ Laser!!!

Im gonna be tucking myself to bed with this silly smile on my face. I know it. Hahahaha

Remember that when your whole garage smells funny…Took me a while to learn that lesson. Lasers make things smell funny for a long time. That is why we only put them on spaceships and sharks.

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Well there you have it. Splurted my tea all over when I read that. Nicely done. Lol

Pew pew pew! Nice setup.

I have a policy around here, never read a post from Heffe while drinking coffee in the morning for the same reason. Some lessons are worth learning the hard way.