They keep selling, so I keep making 'em

Making these record crates has turned into a good little side hustle, I get to use my lowrider and I get to use the profits to keep buying records.


I think that’s awesome. Find a niche!


That’s got to have you “Feelin Alright!” :smiley:

(Yeah, Joe Cocker made it famous, but Traffic wrote it.)

That is awesome. Do you just glue them up, or use mechanical fasteners too?

I use glue and 8 screws. I’m sure the glue is strong enough, but I would really feel bad if someone was carrying one of these full of records and the bottom fell out.

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So do you ship them assembled? It would be cool if you could figure out a flat pack option IKEA style.

I assemble them and deliver them to the shop that sells them. I’ve definitely been thinking about changes I would need to make so I could ship it flat pack style, and while I think it’s pretty straightforward to assemble I probably would need to make some ikea style instructions.


Going to clear coat them and hopefully deliver this weekend.


Those look way better than my plywood cuts. What kind of milling bit are you using?
?? 1/8th inch compression of some variety ?
Nice job!

I’ve been using 1/8" down-cut endmills. I don’t use a compression (up/down) for this since I wanted to run everything in one operation without a tool change and the logo portion is only about 1mm deep which would get tearout from the “up” portion of a compression endmill. The top faces come out pretty much not needing any sanding but the back does require some hand sanding.


Thank You very much. I will give them a try.

Back at it. The last batch sold through in one week. I’m going to have to start considering building a second lowrider, maybe a double decker under my first one.