Thingiverse Issues?

I’ve downloaded a number of files with no problems, none recently. I just tried to download several different files and all I get is the webpage. Trying to download using “save as” gives me a choice of saving as 3 different webpage types: HTML only, complete, single file. Thinking it might have something to do with MS recently ‘improving’ their browser I tried Chrome with the same result.

I don’t remember ever even choosing a file type to save a Thingiverse file as. Am I having an attack of stupid and missing something obvious or ???

Can you link to one of the files and I’ll try?

Here ya go:

I appreciate the help!

I just clicked the download button and It saved as a compressed zip file.

That was the download all button. If I try the individual files they save as and STL or a Step file.

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I just tried the download all button and it worked as it always did for me but curiously I get no choice other than download all. A little while ago when I did the same thing, when I hit the ‘open file’ link I got the web page, nothing else. I did see a quick flash of a blank page saying “something went wrong” but it was gone so quickly I couldn’t see if it said anything else. That happened with several different downloads I tried.

I think I’ll just chalk it up to a ‘cyber anomaly’.

Thanks for your help!

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Anytime. I have odd things like that happen too often.

I should probably expect it by now. :scream:

I’d just gotten a new motherboard for my printer from China and installed it. Was getting a bit antsy as I really want some dust collection for my MPCNC.

I haven’t decided how i want to run dust collection yet. I usually hold the hose or lay it at the edge while I’m getting to know the machine. What board did you get?

Oh, it was a replacement for the original one in the printer, the microSD card slot’s locking mechanism for the card failed and the company (DRIGGO) sent me a new board.

Dust wise I’m going to try the one whose file I linked above. I was working on an enclosure for noise control but decided dust is a priority. It’s in a spare room and with the A/C on/windows closed the noise likely won’t annoy the neighbors and I can live with wearing hearing protectors for a bit.