I got a lot of things from Thingiverse when I had my 3D printer, is there a lot on there that can be run through a CNC or is there another sight that is dedicated to CNC?

That is a tough one. Really depends on what you are interested in, but yes you can use STL files. I also post DXFs there as well.

cutrocket is a good place to start. Pretty much everything else is monetized/pay.

Thingiverse is great for 3D printing, but as Ryan said you can use STL:s and DXF files from there for your MPCNC. There are some people that specifically makes CNC stuff on thingiverse. Like this guy for example:

Aarons tip with CutRocket looks solid as well, but I haven’t tried anything from there yet.

Personally I think with both 3D printing and CNC work the most satisfying and rewarding thing is to make your own designs.

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Yeah I live making my own but when it comes to complex designs I like to check there first. Thank yaw for the comments and recommendations.

Is etslcam free?

You can try it for free, and nothing stops you using it for free if you are willing to wait a little while on each gcode export.

You then have the option of purchasing to remove the delay and oh by the way help support the creator.

Is there any sites out there that charge a fee to get files routing? I would be willing to pay if its something I cant make. Im really interested in Automotive related stuff.

I think you may have a typo in there… did you mean routed? or designed?

There is a service to get stuff waterjet/laser cut:

I don’t mind paying and supporting the creator if it’s within my budget but my wife just started premed and I have two kids so I’m building my CNC to make stuff and sell to add to my income to support my family so that’s why I ask about free software. Once I start making some money on the side from sales I will set aside a little from each sell to go towards better software and more equipment.

That is where Estlcam is great. I used it for a few months before I paid and then a while longer until I started recommending it. Each save adds a second to the nag screen up to about 30 seconds if I remember right. So you can use and learn it, then pay to save time when you make a little side money. Win Win!