This is the way

First carve with the Primo

Third carve with the Primo

Loving this thing already can’t wait to do more


Wow, it’s been 4 years.

The Primo must be a significant jump from what you previously had?

I built the Burly using conduit and had a lot of issues with it, all created by myself really. I was trying to push it to far and wasn’t really paying attention to detail when I built it. I did make a few plywood parts with it but never really felt it was what I wanted. It collected dust in my shop as I was busy with other stuff.Then I started tinkering with it a few weeks ago and decided to rebuild it using dom tubing. To my surprise you had updated it to the Primo so I decided to build that from the ground up instead of rebuilding the other. Your machine is incredible for what it is… I know of few real world applications for home 3d printing outside of toys and prototypes, but using a 3d printer to build a machine capable of milling aluminum, steel, wood, etc was brilliant and your designs keep getting better. I can’t wait to do a few projects kicking around in my head for this thing now.

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Check this one out, Race, It is really making me rethink how we have been doing things. It also seems like 1/4" bits are not the evil I thought they were!? If I could just figure out why some builds have such a hard time (like your first one sounds like it did), to how mine just rips. There must be some things to add to the instructions to help prevent turds from being built.

I’m sure filament type and calibration of the printer need to be stressed you have it right it needs to be reinforced

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