Time to Build

Thanks to many folks on this site giving lots of input - particularly Tom Myers, I am now ready to build my table. I have all the components to build a table like Tom’s including the 15mm belts, pulling and guides.

I have a lot of parts printed but lots more to go. It took me a while to get over the learning curve for my new Tronxy X5SA 330x330x400 printer.

I just received my laser cutter printer. It has a working area of 820mm x 480mm. It only has 30W but I plan to change it to 40W. This will me make some custom accessories for the lowrider2.

The most expensive part of the build was actually the stainless steel gantry bars. $250. The total cost so far on just the Lowrider2 is about $1,400. More than anticipated but I did go with an aide cooked spindle and inverter as well as the 15mm belt components.

I look forward to starting the 6 x 7 foot table. Hopefully finish it next week. I am planning to going with a weirdest steel base.

Love feedback.

Do you have a link to this? I’m considering investing in one.
Just starting out on my cutting with my router, but it’s so fun! And now I’m concerned that wood process are going to keep edging up. Now I want to open up the possibilities!

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That link does not work as it is for your account. Hope that makes sense.

I bought it on eBay. Here is the name and information that should get you to it.

NEJE Master 2s max 30W laser engraving cutting machine laser cutter engraver DIY
laserGRBL lightburn NEJE software 460mmx810mm 32bit MCU.

It was under $400 - which is a fantastic price.

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Yeah, great, thanks!