To upgrade or not?

I bought a full kit from here back on March 6th and have been way too busy to get it assembled. It’s all siting in a tote on a shelf and I think I’m actually ready to start building it. So I come here and find out that now many of my parts are out dated. Dang! What should I do? Should I just build with the parts I already have since that would be the easiest? Upgrade later? Should I use my Prusa to print new parts? It’s not very well tuned and not that dimensionally accurate right now so I’m not sure it would work well.


  • EliB

Just build it as is. It will let you get the hang of the software, and how everything works. Later once you get your pursa tuned you can print the new parts. The old style works great.

So the new parts are just a marginal improvement, not night and day?