Tool Change Tip

I had to switch tools a few times this weekend and I tried something that worked well. I’m not using a quick change mount so for me the hardest part of changing the tool is holding and aligning the Z Nut Lock while starting the tool mount screws.

Before removing the tool mount, I found the foam container that the stepper motors came in and cut a strip of foam about the length of the Z Nut Lock. I slid this up into the Z axis conduits behind the Z Nut Lock. It was a tight fit so I used a small screwdriver to help slide it in. When I removed the tool mount, the Z Nut Lock stayed in place and made it easier to put a different tool mount. I have switch back and forth 3 times so far, and it still works good, so I snapped some pictures.


I usually just switch the top first then the bottom. That way one mount is keeping it tight. I do like your method though probably easier, I will try it out next time I switch it up.

I hope to print up the new middle assembly tonight then start to design a new tool mount. I think I have an idea somewhere between my style and the quick mount.

My trim router mount is a single piece, so it has to come all the way off. The foam filler will also work for mounting the tool holder for the first time.

I look forward to seeing your new design!

I cant say enough good things about the universal mount + RJ45 connectors etc at the top of the Z… I can change tools in 5 seconds or less and everything is SUPER clean.
this is nice though for those without a universal changing system. i had that same issue before i switched.

The universal mount is cool, until you put a router on it. It flexes too much for me.