tools, consumables, and parts for Burly build

Hello Everyone,

This seems like a nice community. I am going to buy a MPCNC as a family present for Christmas (meaning it’s really for me, but I’ll let my two teenagers help me). We not sure what we’ll make with it. I expect we’ll mill foam and wood - probably never metal. We might also like to get a printer head - though that is not what we would design for. After reading a bunch here, I’m going to make my purchase list. I’d appreciate feedback. Planning on 24x24x4 inch setup.

bundle (I’ll start with the Rambo Series version. In case I want to try printing or dual endstops later)

3/4 in US Conduit Printed Parts (23.5mm) with DW660 mount

10’ 3/4 in EMT for Orange or Blue big box store

Pipe cutter

vinegar 000 / 00 steel wool to remove galvanizing

Machine Oil

I thought I should get the LCD, but the notes say driving it from the laptop is easier? So I guess I go that way.

Drag knife

Knife/Pen mount

Extruder mount? I saw in some post you expected more Extruders this week? I wonder if I should wait on my order (and take advantage of my free shipping?) Any guess as to when they will be available? Or maybe the milling is enough to start with?

I have scrap for a table. I was surprised by some of the lightweight tables. I would have thought they would be massive (like you would make for a lathe) so they wouldn’t vibrate. Is that not an issue?



Cheap measuring tape to destroy

two sizes of the wiring sleeve (looks like there is only one here - so next size up as well from Amazon?)

Looks like I could try printing without the heated bed? Didn’t see much on it, but I didn’t read the MP3DP section.

What did I miss?


Hi. Your list looks pretty good.

I would say get an LCD, it is easier after the first initial setup moves, and once you are a little more familiar. As for the extruder, I wouldn’t wait for it. As odd as it might sound it is more complicated than you think. If you are already semi comfortable working with wood start there and wait for printing.

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